Jet lag is silly, get over it.

Posted by Richard at 7:10 pm on Wednesday, December 27, 2006
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I know this blog is suppposedly intended for me to talk about all the pretty things I saw but this, but my last night in Spain, won’t be satisfied by words. So suffice it to say, my last night in Spain I saw real Flamenco, I experienced Sevilla and la cultura Andaluz, and a few hours later I left the country.

And now I am sitting in my very favorite coffee shop in NYC writing my thoughts. I just DEVOURED the New York Times in hard copy form. While my reading comprehension improved consierably in Spainish, there’s nothing like the fix a news junkie gets from consuming a newspaper at full and fluent comprehension.

If you have been following this blog than you are aware that I am at best a critical man. Thus I have been suprising myself in conversations about my experience for the lack of aspersions I have to cast. I suppose it’s that weird thing about memory, the whole generally vague and reliable aspect of the recording capacity of our brains. I’ve found myself generally excited to talk about it, and failing to capture the weight of any negativity I had predicted to remain. Conversation and recollection seem to be happening in spite of myself, and I’m positive my eyes are doing that wistful thing by their own volition.

And then more importantly, I’m in NYC again, and soon I’ll be back in New Paltz. Distance has done this city and I very well, and we have resumed our love affair (nos amamos aun que nos queda problemas). There have already been hundreds of moments that capture the essence of our connection. Thank you Europe for reminding me just how great is the greatest city in the world!

Here’s some pictures:

bridge I really never got enough of this bridge.

100_1013.JPGPlaza de Espana (I’m back home so I don’t know how to do tilde’s on a Mac)

100_1029.JPGwe’re holding hands.

100_1038.JPGGrampa, you were wrong!

100_1053.JPG sorry about the sideways, Yay for leftist politics!

100_1098.JPG It’s December.

100_1007.JPGI didn’t see much of my brother while he was visiting but I got to know his camera rather well.

Studying abroad, especially at New Paltz, is increasingly recognized as a rite-of-passage for the undergraduate college carreer. The global tourism industry most likely has some influence in this recent Western aparition. And yet, the odd thing about is that most of my friends who studied abroad speak of their experience with a slight edge. And igualmente, I have my own criticisms of the entire concept in comparison with the reality of my experience, but such is learning right? I’ll be the first to say that I learned. Here’s a bit of the lessons which are already clear:

-The age of 22 is quite different than the age of 20.
-Spain’s sense of left and right is difficult for an American to decipher, more than even an astute political observer might realize.
-Conversations about linguistics never get old, seriously.
-Fluency is far away still.
-National identity is much stronger than I had previously believed.
-Coming home to the ones who love you is better than you could imagine.

Check back here in a few months, I’m supposed to write a post post return post. Thanks for reading.

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