Maybe I´ll just wear a sign that says ¨Ironic in English¨

Posted by Richard at 5:37 am on Tuesday, October 31, 2006
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Well, I just wrote half an entry and then the page got messed up.  It was written really well too.  So etc, pretend I just wrote some pretty things. 

Happy Halloween!

seville-5-025.jpg Here´s a beautiful rainy day.  But the rain is done now.

seville-5-045.jpg I think this lizard is confused and probably going to get electrocuted.

seville-5-057.jpg This weekend I went to Las Tablas de Daimiel.  Essentially, a wetlands area quite similar to the Everglades, minus the alligators and bugs and disgusting Florida weather.  It was spectacular and I was reminded of the importance of getting of cities.  I don´t think I´ve gone this long in a city without having a weekend in the woods or anything.  It was revitalizing to even briefly connect with nature.  seville-5-058.jpg

Thanks Spain.

And a friendly reminder from the Spanish art scene.  seville-5-037.jpg

 Enjoy your holiday and be safe.  I think I´m gonna be an American hipster.  I don´t think the Europeans will get it.

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